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On this page you will find the answers to some of the more commonly asked questions about automotive air conditioning systems. Should you require any further information, just call Shane at Mobile Air today!

Why do I need to have my air conditioning system serviced?

All vehicle air conditioning systems leak to a degree. This is due to refrigerant escaping through pipe joins as a result of vibrations, ageing rubber seals and rings or seals on the front of the compressor shaft.

How often should my air conditioning system be inspected/serviced?

An annual inspection of the air conditioning system is recommended to check the condition and overall performance of the system. A service of the air conditioning system should be completed at least every two years – even if it appears to be working well.

Why is looking after other air conditioning components including the compressor critical?

The compressor is the main component of the air conditioning system which could cost anywhere between $1000-$2000 plus labour to replace. Once the compressor has seized or is damaged other components are usually damaged in the process. To avoid the hefty price tag for a new compressor, regular service of your air conditioning system is advised.

What is involved in an air conditioning service?

Shane will check the current function of the entire air conditioning system including the pressures in the system and the quality of the refrigerant present. He will then recover the refrigerant and vacuum the system down to remove any moisture that might be present. Next, he will re-charge the system with R134a or R1234yf refrigerant and a measured amount of lubricant. Finally, Shane will add a UV dye to help find any leaks that may develop in the future.

Why use Nitrogen for leak testing?

It is illegal and hazardous to re-gas an air conditioning system by way of adding the refrigerant and then checking for leaks. The pure form of Nitrogen is a naturally occurring gas that we breathe so it is safe and legal to use. The Nitrogen which is added to the air conditioning system under high pressure simulates its operation and reveals any leaks.

What type of gas is used in my air conditioning system?

Most vehicles after 1994 use R134a refrigerant. As of 2017 some vehicles, especially American and European vehicles, use a new refrigerant R1234yf. The new R1234yf refrigerant is better for the environment but is flammable and therefore requires a licenced technician with the correct equipment to handle the refrigerant.