If your vehicle’s air conditioning system needs attention, it pays to use a specialised auto air conditioning technician. Shane from Mobile Air is fully equipped and qualified to resolve any air conditioning problem you might be facing.

Mobile Air specialises in using refrigerant R134a and R1234yf.

What’s more, you don’t even need to bring your car into a workshop! We service the outer Western Suburbs of Sydney – check out our list of suburbs here.

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All Your Auto Air Con Needs

Have all your automotive air conditioning needs reliably taken care of by Mobile Air.

Shane can provide the following mobile car air conditioning services at your place of work or home

Fault Finding

Locating leaks in hoses and other components and diagnosing faults in compressors and electrical components.

Leak Testing

Checking for signs of oil and UV dye, pressure testing using Nitrogen and using a leak detector to find faults.

Pressure Testing

By filling the system with Nitrogen under high pressure we identify any leaks before filling the system with refrigerant.

Gas Recovery

We recover refrigerant from the air conditioning system to decommission or allow repairs to be carried out.


We refill the air conditioning system with new refrigerant after repairs have been carried out or the gradual loss of refrigerant.

Pipe Modifications

Modifying of pipes and hoses due to engine swaps or modification of air conditioning system

Air Conditioning Repairs

After diagnosing the issues we rectify the faults and carry out any servicing that is required.

Air Conditioning Hose Repair

Repair of damaged or leaking hose or pipe assemblies.

New Generation R1234yf

We are equipped to carry out servicing and repairs on new R1234yf systems.

Retrofitting of Air Conditioning Systems

Fitting complete air conditioning systems to vehicles that do not have air conditioning.

Detailed Information About Test Results

After the diagnosis of the vehicle is carried out we provide a detailed description of the fault and provide all repair options available.

Affordable Rates

So, what does it cost to re-gas your car’s air conditioning?

If it is a straightforward re-gas, the cost would be $180.00 including GST. If there is no gas it could be due to a leak or the system not being serviced for years. In either case a leak pressure test is carried out before any gas is added to the system. If a problem is detected then Shane will inform you and provide a quote for the costs associated with fixing it. If you decide not to go ahead with the work then a call out fee of $100.00 including GST will be charged.